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  • What does HIS food ministry actually do? We offer a free lunch buffet Sunday after our church services for all who attend. We are proud to say we have fed over 80,000 people over the past 14 years, just on this Sunday lunch buffet.
  • We provide a nutritional food program to families that need a helping hand. We are not a hand out. We are a hand up. There are no qualifications or restrictions. We say if you eat you qualify. Therefore all are welcome to try participating program. Our program feeds a family of four, three times per week. We offer nutritional food every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Each week we provide a well balanced nutritional selection of food for all in the program.
  • Please watch these videos as well as the others on our home page. . They say a picture says a thousand words; these videos have been the pictures of the lives you have helped us change.