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Welcome to the team!

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for considering HIS food ministry and giving us the opportunity to serve and support you and your ministry. As I was approached by our partners I prayed long and hard over this commitment to excellence we have made. I honestly believe God has called this team together to represent HIM in honesty, integrity, and service. HIS food ministry has been put together by the Lord to help the local churches reach out into their communities through an effective, powerful, but non threatening evangelistic tool. We want to help you bring people into your churches by offering them good quality food for a reasonable price. I read a survey that stated that 95% of all churches close due to lack of finances and a decrease in membership. Being a Senior Pastor myself, serving the Lord since 1975, I have personally experienced this more times than I would like to admit. I know in my heart HIS food ministry can help churches in these two extremely important areas. Our ministry is not about selling a box of food. We are setting the standard for excellence by keeping ministry first and serving you in integrity and truth. We want to share the gospel, build your ministry, and strengthen relationship with your community.

Financially we will be offering our outreach centers two dollars per box distributed. This blessing per box will be given through Cash and food. If you are a outreach center drop site you will also be in position to receive a blessing of free food or overages . This food can be used by your ministry as a blessing to your congregation as well as your community. You will be notified by our team the specific breakdown each and every month. From firsthand experience there is nothing worse than waiting for your food and coming up short on delivery day. Looking into the eyes of the people who have counted on you for their food and seeing their disappointment is a terrible feeling. This is why we are going to go the extra mile to make sure you have an over abundance of food and not a shortage. To bless people in your community by giving them a box of steaks or a box of free food is an awesome experience for one to celebrate.

Increase in membership can be seen by utilizing this food co-op as an evangelistic outreach. Congregations can support their Pastors by placing a bulletin in every box of food. Pastors, you can have a CD or DVD of one of your services placed in your boxes of food. The Pastor can write a personal letter to the customers each month, strengthening and developing a relationship with them. Cookouts and church functions can be supported by scheduling your distributions strategically. Youth groups can help the people carry the food out to their cars. Prayer requests can be received and prayed over.

Until we get our online application process working, please download and complete the following documents: 

Pastor Ronald D. Kosor

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Commitment and Responsibility Agreement
Please read the following statements, click the checkbox and type in your initials to confirm your understanding. Any applicable sales tax must be collected, reported and paid by the outreach center to their states department of revenue. Not all states collect sales tax on food; please contact your state revenue office for correct information. I understand I cannot place a order until I am officially approved by HIS food ministry and receive my Identification number.